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Amos Gitai 5 films

Préface et textes critiques : Jean-Michel Frodon

Édition : CulturesFrance, 2010 – ISBN 2354760698 – 112 pages

Langue : Anglais / Français / Espagnol

Présentation en anglais

Israeli filmmaker and citizen of the world, Amos Gitai resides in Haifa and in Paris but lives
and works throughout the world. With his prolific and 
diversified work, he is now one of the most respected filmmakers in the international arena and he constantly explores new narrative methods and styles, always associated with contemporary reality. Culturesfrance presents this work with
a selection of five emblematic films: Esther, Kippur, Alila, News 
from Home News from House
and Disengagement.



In 2009, Culturesfrance hosted films in order to publicise the best French cinematographic creations, from the great classics to young filmmakers. With Amos Gitai, Culturesfrance is extending its programme to include a great Israeli filmmaker whose work is closely linked to France where he has lived for many years.

Amos Gitai, a committed filmmaker whose films have been produced by France since the beginning of his carrier, is a brilliant artist with multiple skills: actor, director, scriptwriter, producer, and a demanding one who, through films and documentaries, details the realities of the world in all their complexity and dimensions: mythical, historical, religious, political and social aspects.

With a selection of five emblematic films, Culturesfrance presents a strong, singular body of works, independent and free films marked by strong aesthetic choices: from Esther, his first feature film
Disengagement, from Kippur which revealed him, to Alila, not to mention the documentary
News from Home News from House, Amos 
Gitai films the destiny of a land both unique and universal.

Jean-Michel Frodon, film historian and critic, editorial manager of Cahiers du cinema from 2003
to 2009, guides us through the films 
and shares with us his thoughts on this cinema beyond borders.

Olivier Poivre d’Arvor, Director of Culturesfrance

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